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Smart POS Series

Smart POS, a total solution for you to control your business. The online POS technology seamlessly & automatically consolidate individual stores data & gives you a centralized way of managing your chain store.

SAP Business One

SAP Business One application integrates all core business functions across your entire company – including financials, sales, customer relationship management, inventory, and operations.

POS Hardware

We study and learn technologies, intend to make use of all the pos hardware tech in all of our POS solutions.

INCard Member Solutions

Creating branding from loyalty, by turning business into lasting relationships.

Business Intelligent Automation

BI Tools that give glance view of the data that help make decisions on your business strategic.

e2X Marketer Tools

CRM Tools that integrate our home backend and third party backend, for communicating with your clients.

Server Co-Location

Secure, and network reliability for your server. Located at Malaysia Cyberjaya CX2 Data Centre.

IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing projects that provide prevention solutions to your IT equipments.


PBX systems that enabling future IP communication. Evolve from conventional PBX and merge with latest IP technology that give the maximum flexibilities.

Helpdesk Solutions

Business help desk solutions that track, maintain and guide your customers requirements in the business environments.

About eHub

Simplicity way to Grow together
10 Years Experiences POS Inventory Account ERP-SAP BI Tools Marketing IP-PBX Server Co-Location

Ehub was established and founded in early 2005 to carry on the business of provides all rounded services and solutions to support corporations in their Information Technology initiatives. Due to increasing demand of business software solutions in the Malaysian market nowadays, EHUB is going into the SME industry by diversifying its IT businesses and provide advanced software solutions that help to improve business performance. 10 years of POS solutions deployment experiences, we begin moving forward to provide integration tools that work beyond a standard POS functions. And we start with our first phase which begin since year 2010, and such integration ideas are as, (i) latest POS hardware connectivity, (ii) extensive member solution ideas (card & card-less technology), (iii) e2X Business BI automation Tools, (iv) e2X Email & SMS Marketer Tools, (v) IT Outsourcing, and (vi) ICT industry (IP-PBX solutions, and deploying 3CX PBX system). On year of 2014, we release our first version of helpdesk solutions, which build to bring helpdesk automation and better quality level of support, and will be releasing the new knowledge portal for our customers by June 2016. Besides, in evaluating and considerations of the security, internet bandwidth, connection of customer’s server, (i) we installed our first server rack at CX2 Data centre, for provide the co-location service to our customers. (ii) We manage to provide a remote site backup service that locate at overseas, or Singapore Data Centre. On beginning of year 2015, we begin our phase 2 expansion, register as SAP B1 partner that involving ERP consultancy and deployment projects. Since year 2006, EHUB has been certified as Smart Implementer & Distribution Partner from Smart-Acc (A Pre-package Software developer at Malaysia). Smart-Acc, a local software developer company which is working hand in hand with the company, develop the series of Smart BizSolutions (Smart Dynamod, Smart BizSQL & Smart POS) products incorporating each industry’s unique operational tasks, accounting, inventory, pos solutions. These software products would further enhance the company's direction into the software application business. With different ICT expertise on board, we strengthen and enhance our skills, knowledge, and passions to provide a greater Simplicity idea and solutions to our clients.

  • POS Solutions

    A solutions that beyond POS, and concerns about business growing.

  • Experiences Team

    Keep provide positive thoughts to our clients by a better support experiences

  • Integration Ideas

    Ready Integrate solution that boost business

  • Knowledge centre

    Creating values by deliver knowledges

Support Center

An evolving team that bring world class support to clients


By Implement different technologies in aspect of hardware and software, we increase our capability to serve our clients.

Client Self Portal

Self portal Management that bring knowledges and support level agreement to our clients.

Our Remote Tools

As well as security concerns, we connecting clients via Teamviewer remote tools for better results diagnostic and web presentations & trainings.
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Backup Plans

Remote site backup plans that bring security concerns and convenient to our customers.
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